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Accelerating Potential

Committed to promoting culture, talent, and creativity, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - Ithra - is dedicated to nurturing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most precious natural resource, its human capital.

Saudi Arabia's cultural renaissance

Across Saudi Arabia, a new wave of creatives are being inspired by the kingdom’s past. Explore the new generation of institutions and practitioners that are championing traditional Saudi arts and crafts.

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Conserving the past, curating the future

Saudi Arabia's ambitious plans for its future envision a thriving culture, defined by creativity and innovation, and inspired by the region’s rich heritage and living traditions.

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A matter of balance: designing Saudi Arabia's future using the wisdom of its past

Father and son, architect Sami Angawi and artist-designer Ahmad Angawi believe the traditional arts of Saudi Arabia should inform its future

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Art for momentous times - culture and creativity in the ‘new normal’

More than a mere reflection of events, culture and creativity have always occupied a key role in the vanguard of social transformation.

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Difference engines: cultural institutions in an age of disruption

In an age when cultural institutions are most readily measured by quantifiable markers of their popularity, Covid-19 has come to represent an existential challenge.

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Present tense, future perfect: creativity and entrepreneurship in post-COVID economies

Worldwide, creatives and entrepreneurs need support to resume their vital economic and social roles post-pandemic.

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